The One Rule to Overrule All

How to PLAY… Roulette With ZEN… Roulette?

Follow The One Rule To Overrule All!


The Assistant here with a great tips to tell! If you love the game like I do, I know you would like to get rid of the “doing something wrong” energy as soon as possible. This is my way of doing it:

The only rule I use when I play the game makes my roulette experience a lot better: 

“If the ball lands in a zone by 7 pockets, the dealer tends to throw the ball in the same zone within the next 4 rounds.” 

This rule is based on my observed patterns and statistical analysis over the last few years. The beauty of this strategy is you can find and implement your own pattern.

How To Implement The Rule


1. Identifying the Zone

Learn how to track and identify the zones on the roulette wheel. Watch the ball’s landing spots over several spins. Focus on the section where the ball consistently lands.

2. Wait For The Right Moment to Start

Develop techniques for observing the dealer’s tendencies. After observing multiple spins, identify the 7-pocket zone where the ball lands frequently and bet conform strategy.

3. Betting Strategy

Place your bets according to the math you do to cover a minimum of 4 rounds and the winning to be 30 percent plus. Once a zone is identified, bet on that zone for the next 4 spins. Adjust your bets based on your budget and the outcomes. Your goal is 30% plus on this session. Exit the table or wait for the next dealer when you reach your target. 

4. Adjustments

Make adjustments to your strategy based on the game’s progress. If the rule doesn’t hold for a particular dealer or session, re-evaluate your approach and consider other factors influencing the game.

That it!  

So, here’s the big takeaway from all this: even if the ball doesn’t land in the same zone within the next four rounds, just wait until the ball lands in the same area again. 

Sticking to only playing by a strategy means you’re not betting on every single spin. This way, you’re not just throwing money at every turn, which is how the house usually wins. By being picky and waiting for your moment, you cut down on losses and give yourself a better shot at winning. 

It’s all about being smart and patient, not just playing for the sake of it.

But my way of teaching you how to beat the roulette game is about showing you it’s possible and guiding you to find your own strategy. Instead of handing you a fixed formula, I focus on empowering you with the tools and knowledge to recognize patterns and make strategic decisions. Becoming a professional player – meaning a steady income from your hobby over the years – is a journey that takes time. The key is to enjoy the ride and embrace the game because you love it, not because it is your only way to get out.

My Way or The ZenRoulette Approach


Achieving success with ZenRoulette involves integrating mindfulness and strategic thinking. Here are the ZenRoulette four steps to achieve anything, including mastering roulette and becoming a professional:


  • Identify (Find the Problem): Understand the challenges in your current gameplay. Recognize patterns and areas for improvement.


  • Imagine (Visualize the Solution): Use visualization techniques to imagine your success. Visualize placing bets, winning, and maintaining emotional balance.


  • Act (Do Something About It): Implement the strategies you’ve visualized. Place your bets according to the rule and adapt your approach based on real-time observations.


  • Detach (Letting Go & Opening to New Horizons): After applying the strategy, let go of attachment to the outcomes. Accept the results with mindfulness and be open to new possibilities and adjustments.


What about The One Rule to Overrule All?


Now, I promised to give you only one rule to play the roulette game with ZEN, but I ended up writing a bunch of them. After reading through everything and letting it sink in for a moment, can you identify which is The One Rule to Overrule All?

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The Assistant is your trusted companion and guide in the roulette game world. With over 20 years of expertise and four years of wisdom, The Assistant is a professional roulette player that combines spirituality and strategic thinking to help you unlock your full potential as a roulette player.

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