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Professional Roulette Players CLUB

We offer knowledge and tools to enjoy the roulette game at a different level, and we share with our members probably the best chrome extension tool for pattern assistance: Zen Roulette Assistant.

Become a Professional Roullete Player with
Zen Roulette Assistant



Play ZEN and wait for a clear pattern to appear. Use the Assistant until you learn the pattern.



Over 20 years of playing the roulette game on both sides (player and dealer).



Share your success and your challenges in our private forum. Make new friends.

Zen Roulette CLUB Experience

A. Adrian


Hello! I am Adrian, and I want to show you what is possible when you don't have limits on your imagination.

I have created ZEN Roulette CLUB to help my friends eliminate their gambling problem.

It's ZEN Roulette because it mixes the spiritual world and the gambling world and because you can have all the tools in the world if your approach is not ZEN the house is still a winner. 🙂

Zen Roulette Story
Zen roulette club

Zen Roulette CLUB is a ZEN perspective for “beating” the… dealer of the roulette game. 

The Zen Roulette CLUB members have access to:

“How to Beat the… Dealer” course

ZEN Roulette Assistant (for 30 days)

Zen Roulette Forum and Support Chat

“How to Become Professional” course

Zen Roulette Testimonials

Rene s
You made it so simple, and it is working. Thanks for putting this together and share your idea. Love it!
René Svoboda
Paolo severi 100x100 1
The best opportunity I get from the web since last decade... Thanks to developers and love the filoEthosophy behind the project.
Paolo Severi
Alexandru gradisteanu 100x100 1
At first, I was very, very skeptical about this, but I played, because of you, for a few days with a very small amount of money and won. Thanks for this!
Alexandru Gradisteanu

ZEN Roulette Frequently Asked Questions

Zen Roulette Assistant is a Chrome Extension I build to make my game more fun and help my friends get the same results when they play. The strategy behind this is a dealer signature pattern I have discovered and used successfully for the last three years.

  • Install Zen Roulette Assistant like any other extension for Google Chrome
  • Enter your crypto casino with Evolution Gaming provider live roulette table (ZRA v1.1 works only on one crypto casino for now)
    Choose classic view and refresh the page
  • Enter again on the same table and wait for the following number to come
  • When you see the extension window enter your email and password, you receive an email when you register and confirm the email, and you are ready to use this amazing extension.

Prohibited Territories for ZRA v1.1: Africa, Australia, Burma, Canada, China, Cuba, Curacao, Cyprus, Iran, Israel, Latvia, Turkey, Russia, Sudan, Syria, USA, North Korea, Iran, Taiwan

You can use Zen Roulette Assistant just for fun and learning, but I recommend depositing at least 1 euro to eliminate the annoying deposit empty message. We suggest depositing at least 500 euros and finishing the session when you win at least 30% profits.

Of course, this depends on your budget. The only limit here is for you to stay under casino radars. My best strategy to use Zen Roulette Assistant is HIT & RUN. Start the session, wait to see the dealer’s pattern, follow the recommendation, and hit the High Stake Numbers. When you have more than 30% profit, you end the session.

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