ZenRoulette Pattern

Step 1: Zone Selection

Begin by analyzing the results of the last 100 spins on the roulette table. Identify a zone where one or two numbers have consistently caught your attention as potential favorites.

Step 2: Initiate Play

Once you've pinpointed your zone, wait for the ball to land in or near this selected area. When this occurs, commence your betting on that zone for the next four spins. If you not secure a win within these attempts, pause your play. Observe patiently for the ball to return to your chosen zone, acknowledging that each dealer may introduce unique patterns that influence the game's outcome.

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Every dealer has different pattern, so to make informed decisions when placing your bets pay attention and wait until you see more winnings.

Step 3: Adaptation and Focus

In the event the ball settles in a different zone from the one you've been monitoring, maintain your concentration. Continue to track the movement and outcomes within your selected zone for another four spins, adjusting your strategy based on the game's flow. If your budget is stable or in surplus, consider extending your coverage to include the new zone, but limit this adjustment to four spins to manage risk effectively.

Final Step: Strategic Betting

With insights gathered from observing the game's progression, refine your betting strategy by placing higher stakes on a favored number within your active zone. It's vital to continually monitor the winning numbers and zones, adjusting your approach as needed, especially with dealer changes that may alter the game's pattern dynamics.

Professional Players Tips

  1. Observe the dealer’s patterns: Watch them closely and note any patterns or habits they may have when spinning the wheel or releasing the ball. This information can give you an idea of where the ball will likely land.
  2. Choose your numbers wisely: Use your observations and analysis to choose the numbers or zones where you believe the ball is most likely to land.
  3. Place your bets strategically: Use a progressive betting system and increase your bet when you are on a winning streak, but decrease your bet when you are on a losing streak. This will help you to minimize your losses and maximize your winnings.

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