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Chapter I

My gambling problem

Hello! I am Adrian Aparaschivei and I want to show you what is possible when you don't have limits on your imagination.

It's a cool story about how I found a way to have an advantage in roulette game and why this matters to you.

Adrian Aparaschivei

I have called it Zen Roulette, because it is a mix between the spiritual world and the gambling world.

If this didn't trigger your curiosity, then it is a story about how I have managed to solve any financial problem that I can imagine, just because I have asked myself the right question.

All of my life I have been attracted by gambling or making easy money, to be more specific.

I have been living in the city of Galati (Romania) until 2015, when a funny series of events have moved me to different one.

This was my chance to discover the spiritual world and to realize that I can be more than a gambler.

gambling problem

I imagine that you are familiar with this gambling story: always in debt to family and friends, any income lost in gambling, you are surrounded only by friends that share the same passion, and, once in a while, you hit the jackpot.

Then you pay some of your moral or financial debts and all the people that care about you think that the nightmare is over. But just until the next one comes...

This is what to be a gambler means to me.

Chapter II

My spiritual journey

In the new city, not knowing anybody, for almost one year I was a "Yes man".

I have attended almost all events that have popped out on my Facebook feed. Like this, I made new friends and my attention moved from the gambling to the spiritual world.

This doesn't mean that I didn't lose any more money in that area, but my attention shifted a little bit. The benefits started to show few years ago, when, during a brainstorming on spiritual debates, I had an AHA moment, when I realized that I can find by myself an answer to any question that I would have.

Gorgeous times followed, months when I did nothing else but look for the most provocative questions and find answers that would satisfy me. For example: I realized that I want to travel, and I've been on the road ever since.

But quickly become clear that if I wanted to continue with my nomad lifestyle I was going to need more money than I was able to produce, so I have asked myself the following question:

What could I do, passionately, so that I wouldn't feel I was working, yet to produce enough money to solve this financial issue for good?

AHA moment

This question arrived in a context when I had already realized that I can be whoever I wanted to be, and that I can do whatever I can imagine that I can do. I have imagined many possible realities, but the only one that really excited me was related to my gambling life.

Well, from this point on, the story becomes at least unusual.

Chapter III

MY Pattern - My solution

I have asked myself what did I do different in those days when, indifferent of the choices that I made, I won.

If you are a gambler I am sure you recognize such a day: no matter what crazy ideas you have, they all bring you money.

Doesn't matter in which casino you enter, or which game you choose. That day, you are a winner. Plus you hit the jackpot when you don't expect it or become the lucky winner of a promotion.

My answer, for me, was a pattern that I had intuitively followed each time that I was placing bets in my favorite game: the Roulette.

I have looked on forums, discussion groups and specialized sites for something similar. Internet is full of systems like Martingale Roulette System, Fibonacci Roulette System, The James Bond Roulette System etc.

The Zen Roulette Pattern its there but i don't find anybody talk about it. When you become interested in a subject you will find information. The first time when I applied the result of my discovery was in Bucharest, in a live casino.

Considering that this pattern works only at live game tables, with human dealers, I have tested it for a few days and convinced myself for good that it works.

Next step was the brilliant idea of making a robot that would track the pattern that I have discovered and place bets only when it sees the pattern.

It took almost two months to make a beta version and to prove that it works. I have researched the roulette software market and checked whether there was anything resembling this on the market. Finally, now, I have a browser app that gets activated when you enter an online casino with live Roulette and places the bets only when it detects the pattern.

Guess what I did?

I suppose I did what anyone else in my situation would have done: I put the robot to work. I have had withdrawals of 500 eur, 1000 eur, 5000 eur... and when we got to thousands of euros, the problems started to appear. Banks blocked a large transaction, the casino started to ask for additional information... You know, this kind of challenges.

Nothing that cannot be solved, but those things helped me realize that my Zen Roulette Robot need to work on crypto casino and this would help me make unlimited withdrawals in ETH and BTC from online casinos, as long as I remain under their radars' limit.

Chapter IV

My retirement

Almost close the story without the end, my happy end.

On my traveling journey I ended up in Thailand, on the exotic island, right before Covid has happened worldwide.

And I am still here, because is it the best place in the world where I can imagine to be.

Adrian Aparaschivei Ko Pha Ngan

Just keep this in your mind if you want to connect with me. Time zone for Thailand is GMT+7.

I'm not a millionaire - just follow some obvious questions :) -, but my spiritual journey has showed me that I don't need all this money to be happy. I earn enough to manage a beautiful life and enjoy my early retirement.

A fun fact about me and my journey!

I have had my last job working for someone else's dream like 17 years ago. I have started my online business, as a freelancer and started learning SEO, webdesign, affiliate marketing and building teams for a multilevel company.

My presence online was through this brand: " Adisaan - Your Online Partner" and for my logo I used this graphic.

adisaan - your online partner

My dream from 17 years ago came true. Somehow even better because I have my own software company and a team to help me build beautiful software like Zen Roulette Robot.

Chapter V

My help for your journey

But the best part of this story was that, when I realized that the pattern that I have found is repeating itself, the need to summon Fortuna goddess for a jackpot disappeared.

For me, it became mathematics, probabilities, chaos theory, dealer's signature, RNC of not - an entire universe where I create money with passion and I don't feel that I am working hard for it.

OK! I didn't tell you this story to brag myself. I just wanted to show you what is possible when you don't put limits to your imagination.

But if you cannot imagine any reality that would satisfy you, and when you read my story you thought that you would like to experience something similar, I have good news for you.

So look what I have got for you!

If you want to know more about my pattern, the robot, my spiritual journey or even about gambling addiction join to community Zen Roulette Tribe and i will share with you my reality.

Thank you for spending your time reading my story. If you find it interested you got at the end of this page some video session with my pattern and screenshots with some of my withdrawing from online casino to suport this story.


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